Employment at MARR


Residential Assistant – Women’s Recovery Center

RESPONSIBILITIES: Resident assistants monitor client safety and whereabouts at the women’s residences  in our intensive residential treatment program.  Responsible for maintaining logs of daily activities; providing transportation and communicating with on-call clinical staff.

Currently seeking a PRN Residential Assistant for Saturday and Sunday overnight shifts needed 9p – 5am.

QUALIFICATIONS: High School diploma with bachelor’s degree preferred, as well as certification or interest in being a counselor in the State of Georgia, such as those with a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) or Addiction Counselor in Training (CIT) actively pursuing certification as a CAC. Must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and good driving record, strong organizational skills, good communication skills, and the ability to work as a member of a team. This position also requires a minimum of 18 months of abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Thorough understanding of 12 step recovery process, preferred.

Please submit resume to [email protected].

Family Counselor – Women’s Recovery Center

QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree in counseling, psychology, marriage and family therapy or social work, licensure by the State Composite Board and, one year’s experience in counseling or addiction treatment field.


  • Keep track of new admissions to ensure that every MRC/WRC patient is assigned a family counselor
  • Keep informed of releases of information to know which family members may be contacted and obtain address and phone information for family members as needed.
  • Conduct orientation to family services with patients, 2-3weeks after admission, to discuss who they prefer to be the primary family contact, create genogram, and explain the role of family counselor.
  • Greet the family member(s) as they arrive for admission, or make an introductory call within 72 hours to conduct family orientation:
  • Discuss program logistics, both for the patient and for the family program;
  • Discuss the family’s adjustment to the patient’s absence and how the patient’s disease affected their lives;
  • Discuss Family Orientation & Welcome Binder, explain expectations, and set boundaries regarding their participation in the patient’s treatment experience (frequency of calls, stopping by, etc.);
  • Discuss the Family Questionnaire to be mailed, emailed, or obtained on-line.
  • Set and keep appointments (phone/in-person) with family members to offer support & discuss patient’s progress in treatment
  • Respond to family calls/emails in a timely manner, within 24 hours or the next business day.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings at assigned program to present information regarding contact with family and communicate information to treatment team related to patient care
  • Facilitate weekly Family Dynamics and other groups as assigned for patients during the initial 90-day treatment program.
  • Input all family information (including Questionnaire) and Progress Notes in the appropriate location in TIER.
  • Attend patients’ phase 1 & phase 2 clinical reviews to provide feedback/recommendations for patient and family
  • When the Family Workshops are approaching, discuss with staff which patients are appropriate for participation and which family members staff recommend including. Also, discuss with patients which family members they would like to invite to the workshop.
  • Manage the invitation process for the Family Workshop.
  • Keep a record of who is coming.
  • Assign family members to appropriate Primary Counselors for groups and family sessions during the workshop.
  • Coordinate scheduling family sessions and participate in those sessions for the 3-day family workshop
  • Conduct presentation(s) at the 3-day workshop
  • Lead impact group during family workshop
  • Lead Q&A discussion group during family workshop
  • Facilitate assigned webinars for Family Online Education Support Group
  • Facilitate evening Family Support Groups for family members, as assigned.
  • Attend weekly Family Program staff meetings/supervision with Clinical Director
  • Report to MARR Program Director, for your site and Family Program Lead counselor on regular basis to keep abreast of how things are going
  • Meet with patients at discharge to discuss/support/recommend family services to support recovery efforts during transition home or to ERR
  • Contact or meet with patient’s family member(s) when patient is discharged AMA, Relapse, AWOL, or Administrative to discuss treatment team recommendations and support the family member (before 12pm the next business day after discharge occurs for after-hours discharges).
  • Perform Individual, Couples, & Family Counseling as needed for patients during initial 90-day program and for patients receiving aftercare services/ERR
  • Provide training and assistance with supervision of masters level graduate student counseling interns
  • Facilitate Parenting classes for MRC/WRC patients as needed
  • Additional tasks as assigned.

Please submit resume to [email protected].