Family Recovery Center

Family Recovery Center
Family Recovery Center
Family services and support groups offer loved ones hope and healing

For years, the negative stigma of addiction has deterred addicts and family members from seeking help. Because addiction is a family disease, family participation in addiction recovery is essential. Through family services and support groups, MARR’s Family Recovery Center sets the standard in treating the entire family.

Offering education, resources and counseling to those struggling with a loved one’s addiction, our trained and knowledgeable staff teaches family members how to embrace their own recovery. We help families understand that addiction is not something they caused, nor can they control the addict. We also help them recognize how the disease of addiction has impacted their own behavior.

Our goal through education and support groups is to help families learn what they can do to help themselves and how to relate to their addicted loved one in a healthy way. MARR’s Family Recovery Center encourages families to begin their own journey toward addiction recovery.

Janet Fluker, director of the Family Recovery Center, discusses the services and tools MARR offers to families affected by their loved one’s drug and/or alcohol abuse. >>Watch online now.

  • 1-Day Family Seminar for the Community

    The 1-Day Family Seminar educates families about the theories of addiction, addictive thinking and the need for treatment. Participants will learn the symptoms and behaviors of drug and alcohol addiction and how they impact family members; identify behaviors used by family members as a result of a loved ones’ addiction; and develop new, healthy behaviors. What’s more, they will establish healthy personal boundaries as a primary tool to detach from addictive behaviors while maintaining a loving relationship with the addict.

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  • 3-Day Family Workshop for MARR Families

    The 3-Day Family Workshop is an intensive, three-day-long program designed to provide education, support and therapy to adults and adolescents ages 14 and older whose loved one is in drug and alcohol treatment at MARR. The staff believes that those who have been in relationships with addicted individuals experience their own struggles and pain. If the family is to survive and grow, it is critical that the individual members begin their own recovery process. This workshop is offered every 7-8 weeks. For more information, contact your MARR family counselor.

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  • Family Training for Professionals

    Counseling professionals require a wide range of techniques to treat clients adequately. The Family Training for Professionals workshop is designed to help clinicians who work with families affected by addiction. Our trained staff provides the education, skills and support that counseling professionals need in order to help families implement healthier lines of communication.

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Family Groups

In addition to family counseling while loved ones are in addiction treatment (with the option of aftercare), MARR offers various group options for family members of alcoholics and/or drug addicts interested in ongoing support. Contact the corresponding leader for more information on becoming a member of a MARR Family Group prior to attending. We ask that group members commit to a minimum of four sessions.

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