Addiction Education for Professionals

Addiction Education for Professionals

Offering a better understanding of the disease through training courses

MARR is dedicated to providing quality education and training courses on addiction to counselors and health professionals in the community and beyond. We equip these individuals with the insight, knowledge and skills necessary to understand addiction and codependency, so they may provide the best possible services to clients and their families.

The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful, and professionals need a wide variety of techniques to adequately treat their addicted clients. We seek to consistently develop training courses and seminars that will address this need and incorporate the most effective practices in addiction treatment.

Professionals attending MARR’s training courses and seminars will gain a better understanding of the disease model of addiction, as well as the recovery process. Not only will they learn the signs and symptoms of addiction and what to look for in their own clients, but they will receive insight on the importance of family recovery as well. Attendees will receive CEs.