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Ep 22: I Always Get Back More Than I Give

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One of the unique things about MARR as a treatment center is the level of community involvement from people are not counselors or clients but just volunteers. The MARR volunteers…

Gratitude | The Opposite of Addiction

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When potential clients seek treatment at MARR, our assessment counselors end the intake interview with two questions: 1). What things are going well for you? and 2). What goals do…

Ep 21: Uncovering What’s Already There

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Lindsey M. was the guest speaker at MARR’s Celebration of Recovery Banquet this year. She sits down at the podcast table to talk about how she has experienced a complete…

Ep 20: Live from the Banquet

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Whether associated with MARR as alumni, family members, volunteers, current clients, staff, or outside professionals, every year friends of MARR gather to reconnect and recognize the lives that have been…

Ep 19: MARR Saved My Life—Twice

| Articles & Podcasts, Podcasts | One Comment
Even though three years ago, Bryan was drinking himself to death in an apartment covered with beer cans, today he clearly states: “My problem was never drinking. It was how…

Ep 18: We’re All In This Together

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What are the three most important elements for effective treatment? 1. Safety. 2. Safety. 3. Safety. At MARR this requires constant, careful attention to the health of the community, and…

Entering Recovery | A Hero’s Journey

| Articles & Podcasts, MARR Articles | 3 Comments
In the classic study of mythology and world religion The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell famously outlined the hero’s journey. Surveying myths, stories, various faiths, fairy tales and…

Ep 17: She Refused to Turn Her Back

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Amy felt like she was being forced into going to treatment for 90 days and that her life was over. Before long, she bonded with her counselor and the women…