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Heroin and suboxone

My Heroin Addiction

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By Jordan Detweiler After a week of lying in bed at my mom’s house, dope sick and vomiting in a bucket because of heroin withdrawal, I agreed to go to…

Ep 24: Just One Call

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Both Jordan and Kristen spend their days talking with potential clients and their families about coming into treatment at MARR. They talk about some of the initial concerns of clients…

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes | Boundaries, Addiction, and Family Recovery

| Articles & Podcasts, MARR Articles | 2 Comments
Addiction is a family disease, and one of the most important steps to take in recovery is setting boundaries. Addiction is a disease of isolation, and it relentlessly crosses boundaries,…

Beautiful Boy Screening

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On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, MARR partnered with Amazon Studios and Georgia State Representative Sharon Cooper to host a special screening of the Amazon film Beautiful Boy. The room was…

Ep 23: I Immediately Saw Hope Here

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Bruce characterizes himself as “feral” and “undomesticated” when he walked into the doors of MARR at 42.  A self-described smooth talking bar owner and salesmen, Bruce talks about how his…

Disarming the Disease of Addiction

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By Matt Shedd Addiction is a disease characterized by a constant state of violence, both within and around the person suffering from it. As anyone close to someone with an…

Ep 22: I Always Get Back More Than I Give

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One of the unique things about MARR as a treatment center is the level of community involvement from people are not counselors or clients but just volunteers. The MARR volunteers…

Gratitude | The Opposite of Addiction

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When potential clients seek treatment at MARR, our assessment counselors end the intake interview with two questions: 1). What things are going well for you? and 2). What goals do…