There is Still
Hope After a Relapse

Are you losing hope after the last treatment attempt didn’t stick and you have relapsed?

For those who have been in treatment, perhaps several times, and it hasn’t stuck or worked, or for the family members who are hesitant about “giving it another go,” it will be hard. But MARR not only knows how to help clients who have been in treatment before but specializes in effective long-term addiction treatment after multiple relapses.

    Reasons for a Relapse

    There are many reasons a person struggling with a substance abuse problem will have a relapse. Below are the most common triggers that we address while clients are in our care.

    • Substance Withdrawals
    • Mental Health
    • People & Places
    • Boredom and Isolation

    The MARR Treatment Model

    Over 45 years of clinical experience in substance abuse treatment has enabled us to provide effective treatment for those who have experienced a setback in their recovery.

    • Long-term Treatment Philosophy
    • Community Living
    • Family Education and Involvement
    • Extensive Alumni Support

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