Is For Everyone

When we say recovery is for everyone, we mean it. That includes professionals – those who are struggling with substance addiction, but it’s hard to see because of their successful careers.

Types of professionals we treat include pilots, dentists, lawyers, nurses, and many more.

    Workplace Challenges for Professionals

    • Being a successful professional tends to impact work/life balance and recovery from addiction. MARR specializes in long-term treatment by creating an individual treatment plan around your specific situation.  
    • A business culture of using alcohol or drugs
    • Long work hours
    • High levels of stress related to your occupation
    • Fear of losing career if people find out

    Addiction Treatment for Professionals

    • Our Recovering Professionals Program is designed to meet a professional's unique needs. It includes our gender-specific treatment plans, with added groups and specialized therapy.
    • Mirror Imaging
    • Atlanta Recovering Professionals Group (ARP)
    • Comprehensive Care
    • Long-term Monitoring

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