The Alumni Connection


Staying connected in recovery is key in keeping our alumni up to date on what’s going on in the world of MARR. From Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to our regularly updated blog, graduates of our addiction treatment center can keep abreast of the latest news. What’s more, they can enjoy tidbits of inspiration, connect with old pals (and meet new ones), find out about upcoming events, and inquire about volunteer opportunities.


The Alumni Connection is a program that allows our alumni to give back. After a client completes addiction treatment at MARR, it is important for him or her to build a recovery network immediately. When you join the Alumni Connection program, we will put the new graduate in touch with you as one of his or her main points of contact. We need dedicated alumni from all areas who are willing to keep in touch with our new graduates on a regular basis and help them get acquainted with others in recovery.

If you are interested in the Alumni Connection, please contact our alumni coordinator at 678-805-5158 or send an email. Your service is appreciated. It is our mission to create a culture of connection for MARR’s alumni community, so we can help one another stay sober — one day at a time.

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