WHAT: “Loving Someone with Addiction” is a one-day seminar that not only provides participants from the community at large with a wealth of information about addiction and recovery, but also confirms they are not alone.

WHO: This seminar is designed for family and friends affected by an active alcoholic and/or drug addict who is not in treatment at MARR.

WHERE: 2815 Clearview Place, Atlanta, GA 30340

TIME: 9:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m.

COST: $50 per person (lunch provided)


  • The Disease of Addiction: Covers the neurobiology of addiction and various theories. Provides an understanding of addictive thinking.
  • Addiction, A Family Disease: Describes the symptoms and behaviors of addiction and how they impact family members.
  • Enabling, Rescuing and Controlling: Teaches how to recognize behaviors used by family members as a result of a loved ones’ addiction and to identify new, healthy behaviors.
  • Identifying and Establishing Personal Boundaries: Teaches how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries as a primary tool to detach from addictive behaviors, while continuing to maintain a loving relationship with the addict.
  • Creating a Support System: Teaches family members how to create support for themselves and practice healthy self-care.