Addressing Addiction in the Workplace Booklet

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By Jim Seckman, M.Div., MAC, CACII, CCS

The statistics tell us that as many as 10% of the employees of any given business or company could have a problem with drug or alcohol use. This booklet helps employers and supervisors see the possible signs of addiction in their employees. It also provides some guidance about how to proceed if addiction is suspected in order to address the problem effectively and to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Subjects covered include an explanation of why addiction is a disease; characteristics of someone using drugs or alcohol; defenses and denial; working with the employee; whether or not to terminate the employment; legal considerations; the importance of your feelings in evaluating the situation; and additional resources to consult. If you are uncertain about how to proceed when you suspect substance use is occurring with employees this booklet will walk you through the process.

ISBN 978-1-7332052-0-7