Program Nurse

TITLE: Program Nurse


QUALIFICATIONS: LPN or RN with active Georgia license. Prefer specific substance abuse experience for two (2) years.


  • Completes the nursing assessment on residential patients’ medical/chemical dependency history within one week of admission.
  • Makes recommendations to the Medical Director and the staff related to any significant medical/clinical concerns.
  • Notes verbal/written admission orders per the Medical Director.
  • Completes client records accurately, legibly, and timely.
  • Reviews with the Treatment Team the patient’s treatment plans and treatment review.
  • Keeps track of and assesses the quality of services from contract labs.
  • Provides on site services such as PPD, blood draw, vital signs, urine dipstick tests, etc.
  • Keeps a journal of intoximeter calibration and reviews equipment needs.
  • Supervises patient self-administration of medications and keeps a medication log.
  • Oversees and tracks (on spreadsheet) all MRC Urine Drug Screens performed and results.  Informing MRC staff each week, who needs to give urine drug screens (following set protocol).
  • Provides clinical information for clinical reviews of managed care or insurance companies directly or to other staff who provide the reviews.
  • Attends the Safety and Medical Committee.
  • Provides infection control quality improvement standards and outcome measures tracking. 
  • Participates in the weekly Patient Staffing Meeting and daily AM Flash Meetings.
  • Provides in-service training to staff about medical issues at least once per year.
  • Provides HIV pre- and post-education for patients.
  • Assists in obtaining observed chain of custody random urine screens for female patients as needed.
  • Draws all bloodwork needed on admission / obtains medical records.
  • Reviews lab work results with physician / NP and following up as necessary.
  • Provides all paperwork to Accounting Manager (superbills, lab charges, Pharmacy charges, etc.) in a timely manner, to insure proper billing.
  • Arranges follow-up visits with Physician.
  • Recognizes and reports suspected abuse and neglect according to policy, procedure, and law.
  • Compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Addiction theory including the disease concept.
  • MARR’s model of treating clients (Physical, Mental and Spiritual) and the therapeutic community.
  • Substance dependence and mental health disorders.
  • Health, nutrition and wellness.
  • Psychotropic medications – actions, side effects, etc.
  • Referral resources (Physicians, clinics, etc.)


  • Computer skills
  • Excellent Organization skills
  • BCLS
  • Excellent phlebotomy skills
  • Ability to do Physical Assessments
  • Ability to develop a good rapport with clients
  • A nurturing and non-judgmental attitude
  • Ability to set and maintain appropriate boundaries with clients
  • Effective communication skills orally and in writing to a variety of audiences.
  • Develop and participate in collaborative process
  • Practice ethical behavior
  • Practice for professional development by continually assessing personal performance and practice with th willingness to change behavior and seek assistance, if applicable, in order to model professionalism
  • Serve as a credible resource and advocate for MARR
  • Time management
  • Dependability
  • Flexibility
  • Exercise of competent, professional judgment when dealing with clients, the public and other professionals to maintain the client’s best interests at all times
  • Maintaining professional standards and upholding the legal and accepted codes that pertain to professional conduct.

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