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We are excited to announce that Bill Anderson, MSW, LCSW, is returning to MARR as our Chief Executive Officer. Bill has over 23 years of experience in behavioral health, beginning at an emergency shelter for teenagers and an acute day treatment program for mental health. He was previously at MARR for 15 years, during which he served as a case manager, primary counselor, Director of Admissions, and eventually as our Director of Business Development. Bill then moved on to serve as Chief Executive Officer for both Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center and Sierra Tucson. Most recently, Bill was the Chief Executive Officer of Lakeview Behavioral Health.

Bill believes deeply in MARR’s mission and treatment model, and he is committed to leading us as we continue to navigate an increasingly complex treatment field. We are thankful to have his expertise, his passion, and his leadership in this next season.

Here is a message from Bill to the entire MARR Community:

I am so grateful for the words of kindness and encouragement I have received in response to the news that I would be returning to MARR as the new CEO. One staff member simply wrote, “Welcome Home!” — a sentiment that couldn’t be more appropriate.

MARR’s history is based on fellowship, family and long-lasting relationships. I am honored to return to the place I called home for 15 years; a place where I made lifelong connections, experienced love in its truest form, and witnessed incredible acts of humility from clients, families and staff members alike. Thank you for the warm welcome and overwhelming support.

The treatment industry is an ever-evolving and challenging landscape. MARR has weathered the storm, and we continue to find ways to remain focused on our mission: To bring lasting, total recovery through high-quality, cost-effective, gender-specific addiction treatment. We live in a culture where many, like those of us who make up the MARR community, are working tirelessly to break the stigma of addiction; a culture where treatment is readily available to those who will accept help.

Thanks to the steadfast commitment and bold leadership of Donnie Brown, Doug Brush, Guerry Dyes and countless others, MARR is a true pioneer in the field of addiction treatment. Our upstanding reputation, solid foundation and proven treatment model have withstood the test of time. The resolve to stay true to the core values upon which MARR was built is remarkable! Our staff members, both then and now, are devoted to the mission and vision of MARR. In an industry known for high turnover and burnout, the longevity of this community is unprecedented. And, I believe that MARR’s best years are yet to come!

I am confident that the guiding principles of quality treatment — addressing the whole person and not simply the diagnosis — will continue to remain deeply embedded in the fabric of MARR. The challenges we face will continue to mount and there are roadblocks aplenty: industry practices, regulations, affordability, evidenced-based treatment, and complexities of mental illness. All of these obstacles will require a community backed by courage, faith and persistence. The disease of addiction might be strong, but we are stronger! We will continue to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. We will affirm the commitment that began with our founders in 1975.

I will conclude in the same place where I began this letter…with a sincere thank you! Thank you for standing behind us as we continue onward and upward. Thank you for supporting MARR.


Bill Anderson

Carry the Message:


  • Bill Phillippi says:


    Congratulations on returning to the Southeast. I’ll always remember our “dome” meetings with the guys in our Prtment complex. You’re one of the straightest shooters I’ve known, and glad you were there.

    Sincerely, Bill Phillippi, D.D.S.

  • Paul Olander says:

    It has been exciting following your career since we both graduated UGA in 1999. I will never forget our taped clinical interview role plays during our first year in the MSW program and believe MARR and the recovery community in Atlanta are very fortunate to have you back in this role!
    Take care and stay in touch,
    Paul Olander, MSW, JD, LCSW
    Director of Behavioral Health and Palliative Care Services
    Emory Decatur, Hillandale and Long Term Acute Care Hospitals
    Change Is Now, LLC at the Atlanta Center For Wellness

  • Alison Broderick says:

    Bill, I am excited for you and remain hopeful for MARR. God surely has His hand on this special place and community.

  • Timothy J Hansen CAC I says:

    Dear Bill,
    Allow me to make this one observation and then I’ll shut up. (probably not)

    During your time as case manager at MARR you had a clear eyed equanimity and sense of self that clients couldn’t get around. You reminded me of a saying by Cecil B Demille that I am going to paraphrase here: “You cannot break the law, you can only break yourself against the law.” There was no gainsaying you, Bill, there was only that momentary banging of one’s head against the rules, and a note to self not to try that again.

    And it turns out you really can go home again. I can’t imagine an abler pair of hands into which to pass the torch.

    Tim Hansen CAC I

  • Chris Reagin says:

    Bill- Excited for you and MARR!

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