The Stay Connected Project


Staying connected in recovery is one of the best methods for relapse prevention. Because addiction is a disease of isolation, it is important for addicts and alcoholics to establish a strong support system in sobriety. While MARR upholds its traditions of intensive addiction treatment and the Therapeutic Community model, we utilize newer strategies like social media to help our alumni feel more connected.

Whether you need a few words of encouragement, wish to touch base with other alumni and staff, want to find out what’s happening at MARR or would like to read up on recovery-related material, we want you to stay connected.

First, find us on the social media channels below. Then, give us your feedback! Share your thoughts on our blog; post comments on Facebook; or retweet us on Twitter. Or, you can always send a message to our alumni coordinator!

At MARR, we believe in the power of fellowship. Let’s enjoy recovery together!


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