MARR is an addiction treatment center for individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. We also treat co-occurring disorders with a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder. For more information, call 678-805-5131 or 800-732-5430, or contact us online. Get help now.


The Admissions coordinators at MARR are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. Once interest in addiction treatment is established, a counselor will schedule an appointment for a free assessment with the prospective client. (For individuals outside metro Atlanta, a phone assessment may be arranged; however, a face-to-face assessment is preferred.) Following the hour-long free assessment, clients are scheduled to admit based on the assessment outcome.


MARR does everything necessary to keep the cost of drug and alcohol treatment as low as possible without compromising the quality. As a benefit to clients, MARR offers a discount when patients remit full payment within seven days of admission. This discount is awarded upon successful completion of the addiction treatment program.

Because we are confident in the treatment we offer, we encourage individuals to research other rehab centers (i.e., out-of-pocket expenses, services included, additional fees, hidden costs). Typically, insurance only covers a limited number of days; once those days expire, the client is expected to come up with the money on his or her own. At MARR, we choose to be out of network, so that we can offer excellent care and addiction treatment without being limited.

As a non-profit organization, MARR is able to receive donations. This allows us to offer treatment at a lower cost to the client. Our primary purpose is to bring lasting addiction recovery through high-quality, gender-specific, drug and alcohol programs.


Although MARR is an out-of-network addiction treatment provider, we help clients receive maximum reimbursement for covered services by giving them monthly statements to file with their insurance company. MARR is not able to submit claims on behalf of clients. For more information, please refer to our individual treatment centers.

Call 1-800-732-5430 today for a FREE assessment or contact us online. Get help now.