Employment at MARR


Director of Digital Marketing & Branding

MARR is looking for an experienced and result-driven Director of Digital Marketing & Branding. As a Director of Digital Marketing & Branding at our company, you will be responsible for setting up, implementing and managing the overall company’s branding and digital marketing strategy with the overall goal of driving admissions and revenue.

Job Requirements

Requires 2+ years experience in a similar role. Management and leadership experience required. Must be able to quickly evaluate needs and determine most effective plan of action to meet goals. Strong communication skills are a must. This person must be an exceptional team player, as collaboration with other departments is a key part of the role. Must also be able to work well independently. Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment, be adaptable to change, and open to continued training and learning. Strong organizational skills and time management. Expected to have a passion for driving business through digital technologies, brand management, and utilizing different digital marketing channels.

Director of Digital Marketing & Branding Job Description

  • Build, plan and implement the overall branding and digital marketing strategy to drive program admissions
  • Oversee company branding
  • Manage and train the digital marketing team
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology and best practices
  • Manage and oversee different digital marketing channels
  • Measure ROI and KPIs
  • Prepare and manage digital marketing budget
  • Oversee MARR’s social media accounts
  • Create a Social Media Content Calendar utilizing content mix
  • Utilize Facebook Business Manager
  • Measure and manage online content
  • Anticipate sales performance trends
  • Oversee content and design layout of website
  • Oversee marketing collateral and work with designer and print companies on projects & promotional materials to drive admissions
  • Work closely with business development and IT departments to drive admissions
  • Oversee digital marketing campaigns to drive admissions using email communication, social media, website, and brochures/collateral.
  • Oversee the company magazine, newsletter, published workbook and podcast.
  • Research competition, investigate benchmarks and provide suggestions for improvement

Interested Applicants should submit your resume to [email protected]

Primary Counselor- Men’s Recovery Center


  • Licensure as LPC, LMSW, LMFT or Associate Licensure OR CACI or CACII is required.
  • A Master’s degree from an accredited college or university, with the major course work in addiction studies, psychology, social work, or related human service or behavioral or social services field
  • Additionally, two years of counseling experience with substance dependent clients is preferred.
  • Background check required.
  • Drug free workplace.


  • The Primary Counselor is required to work 40 hrs a week Monday-Friday.
  • Work with an assigned case load of up to 8 clients
  • Prepare treatment plans and work with clients towards achieving treatment goals
  • Take clients through the assignments of phase 1 of treatment including a life story and first-step inventory
  • Prepare and present phase 1 reviews showing clients’ progress
  • Facilitate daily primary group with assigned case load
  • Lead groups throughout the week including assignment groups, group therapy, and psychoeducational groups
  • Work with individual clients as assigned upon their transition into the second phase of treatment
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings
  • Complete all required documentation for groups and sessions
  • Serves as a member of an interdisciplinary team

Knowledge of:

  • Group facilitation and group dynamics
  • Individual counseling techniques and competencies
  • The disease model of addiction and working with substance dependent clients
  • 12-step recovery and recovery based principles
  • Documentation and treatment planning

Interested Applicants should submit your resume to [email protected]

Alumni Relations Coordinator (Part-time Position)


  • Must be an excellent team player.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills are a must. Demonstrates strong leadership qualities.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and experience in healthy conflict resolution.
  • Takes initiative, while working as a member of a team.
  • Strategic thinker and able to perform well on multiple projects at once.
  • Must be able to get team buy-in on ideas.
  • Flexible and comfortable with change.
  • This person must have strong organizational skills.


  • Responsible for overall alumni relations for all MARR programs
    1. Ensure that each client completing treatment completes an exit interview
    2. Collects contact information for all alumni and enters into database
    3. Manages content for Alumni portal on MARR’s website
    4. Coordinate opportunities for  alumni to share their story at monthly speaker meetings, MARR Newsletters, and MARR social media outlets
    5. Track and report client completions
    6. Report attendance at alumni related events in management meeting
    7. Communicate upcoming alumni events to program directors to encourage client engagement with alumni throughout treatment
    8. Work with program directors to create opportunities for alumni to volunteer upon completion of treatment
  • Act as Continuing Care Coordinator
    1. Facilitate aftercare group
    2. Complete follow up calls to collect data for Outcomes Manager
    3. Responsible for contacting clients after treatment to track long-term recovery
    4. Attend staff meetings to share updates regarding alumni contact
    5. Ensure timely communication with referral sources, especially thank you calls to our alumni referral sources
  • Complete activity reports in Salesforce
  • Work closely with I.T. department to ensure alumni events are advertised in Alumni portal on MARR website, MARR Facebook, Twitter, and Newsletter.
  • Responsible for the scheduling, assigning of duties, and annual evaluations of Alumni Coordinator(s) in conjunction with the oversight of the Chief Clinical Officer

Responsible for any other duties assigned by the CCO.

Interested Applicants should submit your resume to [email protected]