The Benefits of Long-Term Treatment

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The benefits of long-term treatment are one of the defining characteristics of  MARR. Typically recognized as treatment lasting 90 days or longer, long-term treatment can sometimes not be as appealing as 30 day quick fixes and other shorter programs. 

Due to the nature of addiction, it takes longer than 30 days to recover. Time is needed to truly address the addiction from a holistic standpoint and the work you put in is a direct correlation to the quality of recovery you’ll experience. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says, “Generally, for residential or outpatient treatment, participation for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness, and treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes.”

That’s why MARR is organized into two phases, with phase one focusing on the foundations of recovery for approximately 6 weeks, learning life skills, and transitioning into the workplace for approximately 14 weeks. With an optional phase three lasting from 12 weeks up to 2 years where clients continue practicing the recovery lifestyle with peer support at our extended residents.

MARR’s Phases

When clients begin life at MARR, they enter Phase 1 of the program. This phase lasts 6 weeks and focuses on the foundations for recovery. This time is vital for lasting recovery because it gives clients the time to recognize they’re in a safe environment and take the time to re-group while beginning the healing process. 

After those 6 weeks, Phase 2 begins and lasts an additional 8 weeks. Throughout this time, clients learn the best recovery life skills as they transition into working part-time, while our professional clients take on additional groups. This phase reinforces their need for recovery tools as they experience outside environments that may trigger their addiction. 

Phase 3 is an optional part of MARR, lasting anywhere from 12 weeks to 2 years. It is a sober living community to continue practicing the recovery lifestyle with peer accountability and support. Clients who choose to continue care at MARR in this phase still have access to the clinical and medical staff and attend MARR groups. We find that this phase is a crucial step in recovery for many of our clients. It allows them to establish themselves in early recovery and have a network of support.

All of these phases work to support clients towards a life of lasting recovery, which takes time and a community that will walk with them.

If interested in learning more about MARR, the first step is a phone call or message to our Clinical Assessment Team. Our licensed and certified clinicians are available for a confidential and complimentary conversation about the next steps you can take to get help. Call us at (678) 736-8694, or you can reach out via the chatbox.

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