Ep 12: My Son Gave Us the Gift of Recovery

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Ten years ago, Stacee and her husband Terry received the phone call that they had long dreaded. Stacee’s son, Skylar, had died from an overdose at the age of 20. As parents, they had already been deeply affected by a family dynamic they describe as chaotic and codependent. They also found themselves in the midst of grieving the loss of a child. As they became more connected to the MARR community to help them through this time, they were able to use the tools they were gaining from their own recovery from codependency to also help them through their grief. Today, Stacee and Terry say that Skylar was able to give them the gift of recovery.

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  1. Cathy Hall

    We heard you speak at the last family week and really admire your strength and desire to educate others on this family disease. Watching you and hearing your story reminds me how important it is to continue my own recovery. Thank you, Cathy

  2. Gricel Chanis

    Thank you for the kind words regarding my addiction.

  3. Anonymous

    My husband and I have four adult children and even grandchildren. We have never been addicted or codependent on anything. My husband worked sometimes up to three jobs. While I stayed home and took care of all four on my own with no help except us.
    We noticed behavior that was not normal on our youngest son since he was ten years old. All of my other kids finished and went on to college except him. He was a non conformist always and my son’s addiction came out around age 14. Somehow he got in with the wrong crowd and now at 41 he is homeless and living from addicts to addicts.
    I have been to counseling, ANON with my son and the West Charleston addiction center, this was at least ten years ago.
    It seems his life is a circle and he is on the bottom although he won’t get help or recognize his problem.
    I fear an overdose someday will happen to him and don’t know who or whom I can reach out to.

    1. MARR

      We understand that this is a difficult process and are sorry to hear about your family’s struggles.
      If you need someone to talk to, please call our Clinical Assessment Counselors at 678-405-5623. They can answer your questions and provide suggestions specific to your situation. Thank you for reaching out.

  4. Torrie griffin

    I’m a 42yr old female and I need help can’t go to a inpatient but I would prefer to but i have young kids so what would be a good option for me for treatment

    1. MARR

      Hi Torrie! Thank you for reaching out. We understand that this can be a difficult process. Please call our Admissions Team at 678-405-5623. They can offer a free assessment and make recommendations for your specific situation.

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