Ep 16: I Didn’t Know What Happiness Was

You are currently viewing Ep 16: I Didn’t Know What Happiness Was

Kelsey’s life was chaotic, and she used anger to make sure that her family members wouldn’t be able to help her. Finally she ended up in jail and losing custody of her child. That’s when she heard about MARR. She admitted to our program and started the long, difficult process of learning to become part of a community with the other women. She hated it, but she did it anyway. Now some of those women are her closest friends, and she still participates in our aftercare group at MARR on a regular basis. She discusses how MARR still helps her find a new way of being in the world allowing for happiness and peace of mind without feeling the need for substances.

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  1. Tammy

    Awesome story Kelsey, I know this will help a lot of young ladies out there to make their decision to come to MARR for help. Continued success on your journey!

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