Ep 37: Recovery Saves Professional Careers

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Lane H. is a practicing dentist who came to MARR after facing dramatic consequences in his career related to his addiction. He describes the circumstances of how he arrived at MARR and what his treatment looked like in the Recovering Professionals Program at MARR. We will also hear from staff members Rick McKain and Doug Brush about how the program helps restore clients to good standing in their careers.

With help from from GreyStone Power Foundation and Waffle House Foundation, we are celebrating our professionals program by giving a way a limited number of copies of our new booklet Addressing Addiction in the Workplace by Jim Seckman. Just use the promo code WORKPLACE. 

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  1. Don McLaurin

    To Lane, Rick, and Doug.
    Thanks to all three of you. And the rest of MARR.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey guys,

    I am a grateful member of al-anon for 2 years. Listening to your podcasts reminds me there is always hope and that no situation has to be that way forever. Giving these situations to God, and not taking them back, has freed me to work on my own recovery so I can be a better version of me. When I get there, I will give myself permission to be happy with no guilt. Thanks for everything. 🙂

    I’m always listening,
    Judy D

    1. Matthew Shedd

      Hi Judy!

      Thanks so much for your comment. We are so glad to hear that you find the podcast helpful. And yes, you are right about situations not lasting forever. When our guests generously share their stories, it reminds me of the same thing. Thank you for sharing about your recovery in Al-Anon.


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