Ep 45: Overcoming Shame in Recovery

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A mother of four and full-time professional, Michelle shares her story about how treatment at MARR helped her overcome her shame in recovery.

Overcoming shame in recovery is an important step in staying sober. This is particularly true for mothers and for professionals. Michelle was both. She had four children and a career as a full-time nurse. But alongside these responsibilities, she was addicted to pain pills. She spent her days rushing from one crisis to the next. Finally, she didn’t want to be sick anymore. While in treatment, she learned she never sat still long enough to feel her feelings. And when she did, she couldn’t even identify what feelings she had. She began accepting the help that the counselors and her community members extended to her. Through this process, she also accepted that she was not a “bad person” like her shame had been telling her. She was just someone who needed some help. Overcoming shame in recovery became possible through the power of connection and community.

0:01 Intro
0:52 What brought Michelle into MARR
4:40 Major consequences related to addiction beginning
8:00 Why she agreed to go to detox
9:58 Learning how to take care of herself
13:40 Thinking her career as a nurse was over
17:48 Starting to recognize her own feelings
22:22 Family counseling in early recovery
25:47 Receiving encouragement early on to stay
29:28 Sponsoring others now
30:23 What Michelle would pass on to people listening

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