Ep 67: Everything at MARR Was Practice for Life After

You are currently viewing Ep 67: Everything at MARR Was Practice for Life After
Ep 68: Everything at MARR Prepared Me for Life After

Tad was well-known in the Atlanta community as a successful real estate developer. Then he was arrested for a DUI and made the news. In treatment, he learned that his business success didn’t necessarily translate into success in recovery. In fact, he found out that he needed to accept his weakness if he wanted to stay sober. By participating in community life at MARR and diving into 12-Step recovery, he found a way of life that provided him with peace of mind as he had never experienced before.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Tad describes his drinking career
5:55 Arriving at MARR
11:30 The benefit of being hopeless
14:27 Being denied leave during treatment
19:34 The arc of decision
21:50 The love he feels for his counselors at MARR
27:45 What Tad would say to an older person who needs recovery
31:40 The benefits of hitting bottom publicly
32:25 Learning to be just another community member
35:20 Everything at MARR is practicing for life
39:35 Learning how to build community

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