Ep 7: As Angry As I Was, It Still Worked

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Picture of young couple having difficulties in relationship

Since before they were married up until the present, Kathe S. and Richard S. have stayed close to MARR regardless of what has been going on in their marriage. But after getting sober, meeting in recovery and having children, they found their marriage in a crisis that involved relapse for one of them and “state of constant rage” for the other. They join us today to candidly talk about their entire journey as a couple in recovery.

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  1. McKae

    Sign up for podcasts, such great information.

  2. Russell Johnson RJ

    Please send me all the podcasts that you guys air

    1. Angela Edmonds

      Russell, if you click the link above to sign up for text alerts, you will be notified every time we post a new episode!

  3. Tim Melton

    Good God, what a story. Should have a billboard on I-85 with a picture of the entire family with a notice reading “This is what Recovery looks like”. Thanks so much to Kathe,Richard,Matt and Marr!

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