When MARR was established in 1975, the disease model of addiction had already been introduced and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was 40 years old. While we certainly didn’t know then all that we know today about addiction, our dedicated staff members were committed to helping clients achieve sobriety and enjoy a lifetime of recovery.

More than 35 years later, that commitment still remains. We continually strive to improve the quality of our treatment programs, technology and overall infrastructure in order to carry out the mission of MARR: To bring lasting recovery to alcohol- and drug-addicted individuals. Just as the addiction treatment industry evolves, our organization grows with it.

Since the beginning, we have stood behind our cause by supporting clients and their families. Every experience is a rewarding one, as we witness the miracle of lives being transformed in mind, body and spirit. Individuals who were once held captive by the disease of addiction discover a new life of freedom and hope — a life worth living.

Founded on six core values, MARR practices these guiding principles in all our affairs. Through the years, we have maintained our integrity, upheld our commitment to clients and the community, and trusted in God’s plan for MARR. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve those who are struggling with addiction — then, now and many years to come.

 1.    People Come First

MARR’s clients and their families, as well as our qualified and skilled staff, are our driving force. We are passionate about helping individuals break free from the disease of addiction and it shows in our ongoing commitment.

 2.    Spiritually Founded, 12-Step Based

MARR believes a spiritual connection is essential to lasting recovery. Accordingly, our gender-specific programs employ the spiritually focused 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

 3.    Integrity

Because MARR is spiritually founded and based, maintaining integrity is of utmost importance. We strive for excellence, speak honestly, treat others with respect, follow through with commitments, build trust with the community and adhere to strong moral ethics.

 4.    Therapeutic Community

MARR is unique in that we provide quality addiction treatment within the structure of the Therapeutic Community model. Each therapeutic community, consisting of no more than 10 members, offers the insight and support that helps foster personal growth and establish accountability.

5.    Cost-Effective

MARR does everything necessary to keep the cost of substance abuse treatment as minimal as possible without compromising the quality. We are recognized as one of the Southeast’s most comprehensive, yet affordable, long-term addiction treatment facilities.

6.    Clinically Driven

All of MARR’s clients receive a thorough assessment to determine the specific needs to be addressed in order to sustain long-term recovery. The individual assessment guides the course of treatment within the framework of the therapeutic community.