Family Recovery Center

Find a Way Out

While we specialize in treating individuals struggling with substance use disorder, we educate, support and aid families in their own recovery as well.

For years, the negative stigma of addiction has deterred addicts and family members from seeking help. Because addiction is a family disease, family participation in addiction recovery is essential. Offering education, resources, counseling, and support groups to those struggling with a loved one’s addiction, our trained and knowledgeable staff members teach families what they can do to help themselves and how to relate to their addicted loved one in a healthy way.

Learn the principles of the ‘family disease’ concept, and why setting boundaries is one of the most loving actions family members can take.

Our seminars, workshops and groups are designed to support families impacted by a loved one’s addiction.

We set the standard in treating the entire family, and encourage loved ones to begin their own journey of recovery.

Check out these helpful resources for family members experiencing difficult times with an addicted loved one.

Tune in as MARR staff members explain how addiction affects everyone within the family unit.

“My mom paid for my alcohol when I was underage. This taught me that I did not have to follow the law and that underage drinking was acceptable. It also taught me that I could manipulate her to get what I wanted.” – MARR Alumnus

“My family let me continue to live at home after threatening to kick me out. What that taught me is that I really won’t have serious consequences.” – MARR Alumnus

“My wife paid the bills and helped hide my drug and alcohol use. What that taught me is that we have a mother-son relationship instead of a husband-wife relationship.” – MARR Alumnus

“My family would ignore and help cover up my drug and alcohol use. What that taught me is that they would keep my secrets and I could do whatever I want and not have to face consequences.” – MARR Alumnus