You are currently viewing Ep 15: What’s Going On in My Household?

Ep 15: What’s Going On in My Household?

Families are often surprised to discover the trauma they’ve experienced relating to their loved one’s substance abuse. At MARR, we have dedicated family counselors helping family members address their own exhaustion, fear, and anger, and allowing them to begin their own recovery as their loved one is in treatment with us. Two of our family counselors, Millicent Parker and Jennifer Acker, join us along with Director of Admissions, Lauren Davis, to discuss how chemical addiction affects everyone in the family unit and what family treatment looks like at MARR.

We also discuss a new one-hour family webinar we are offering to the general public, designed to help people who think they might be dealing with addiction in their family and trying to determine next steps. You can sign up for the webinar at

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