Recovering Professional Program

Recovering Professional Program

Long-Term Monitoring

MARR’s Recovering Professionals Program offers intensive residential addiction treatment for skilled and licensed professionals. The program provides a continuum of care for professionals in crisis, including long-term monitoring and advocacy services for up to 5 years. We have a Psychiatrist that specializes in Addiction to oversee all our medical care.

Specialized Services

The constant expectations and pressures an individual endures in a demanding profession (i.e., health care, legal, business) can be overwhelming, especially when struggling with the disease of addiction. We provide separate programming with specific techniques for men and women in different locations.

In addition to intensive addiction treatment at the Men’s Recovery Center and Women’s Recovery Center, clients in the Recovering Professionals Program receive the following:

  • Three additional weekly groups with other recovering professionals
  • Regular reporting to licensing boards & professional health programs
  • Mirror Image Program
  • Aftercare with other professionals
  • Long-term monitoring up to 5 years

72-Hour Substance Abuse Assessment

The disease of addiction has a dramatic negative impact on an individual’s vocation, family and personal well-being, and an assessment is often requested by concerned employers, licensing boards, or family members. MARR offers a comprehensive 72-hour Substance Abuse Assessment to determine the presence and/or severity of substance use disorder. Results of the assessment may then become the basis for a decision about the level of addiction treatment needed.

  • 3-Day Immersion Into MARR’s Community
  • Psychosocial Assessment & Vocational Consultation
  • Psychological Testing & Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Group & Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Medical Exam & Nursing Assessment
  • Written Summary with Recommendations
  • Drug Screens & Lab Work

Life After Treatment

Since 1975, MARR has built a strong reputation for lasting recovery among the recovering professionals community. In fact, many other treatment programs utilize our Recovering Professionals groups. From professionals-only aftercare groups and extended care residences, to peer mentoring by other professionals, to continued advocacy and monitoring, we are known for our ongoing commitment to, and care for, professionals.