For many individuals who struggle with substance use disorder, professional help is necessary to begin their journey into long-term recovery. Comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment typically includes individual and group therapy, educational groups, medical care, a staff of licensed/certified counselors, 12-Step work and meetings, as well as varying levels of family involvement. These services can be offered in a hospital setting, outpatient facility or a residential treatment center.

At MARR in Atlanta, we provide all of these services in a safe, gender-specific, residential setting that is centered around the community model. At MARR, the community is the primary treatment agent of change. Our clients live in a home-like setting while developing and practicing the language and tools necessary for ongoing recovery. Consisting of no more than 10 clients, each community is responsible for their recovery and to one another. Because addiction is a disease of isolation, the community is effective in breaking down those barriers to enable clients to experience a healthy connection with self, others and the God of their understanding.

Balancing the daily activities of work, groups, treatment and home life within their community is part of the therapeutic value of MARR’s residential program. Community members must hold one another accountable for their actions and express their own feelings to maintain healthy relationships. Similar to life outside of addiction treatment, they are faced with making decisions, accepting change, living honestly, being responsible, setting boundaries and resolving conflict. They acquire effective life management skills and relapse prevention techniques.

An important aspect of the therapeutic process is facilitated through contracts. As members of the community, clients develop growth goals and concrete goals for themselves. Put together in the form of a contract, these objectives are presented to the community to establish accountability and support. Community members become responsible to the other members of their group and help them work toward their goals.

Clients of MARR learn a new way of life without drugs or alcohol. Together, the community offers insight and support to help foster personal growth. They learn through shared experiences. During their stay, clients will encounter successes and failures—and discover how to deal with them sober. Our professional addiction treatment and their treatment community help them build the foundation for lasting recovery.