Paying for Treatment

We partner with most major insurance providers to bring you affordable care.​

Covering the Cost of Residential Treatment

When choosing an addiction treatment center for yourself or a loved one, cost is one of the most important deciding factors. At MARR, we remain committed to offering high-quality, long-term, gender-specific addiction treatment for men and women struggling with substance use disorder.

We do not want cost to stand in the way of receiving quality care. As such, we offer individualized financial assistance.

Why Is Non-Profit Status Important?

Since its inception in 1975, MARR has upheld its status as a non-profit treatment facility. This has allowed us to maintain the integrity of our client care. Rather than focusing on year-end profits, we remain focused on helping individuals to achieve and sustain recovery.

Providing comprehensive support for clients and their families requires financial resources, which we supplement through fundraising efforts, donations, a Scholarship Fund, and grants. This allows us to keep costs as low as possible without compromising the level of care we provide.

Our Treatment Model

Rewiring the neural patterns laid down during addiction takes time and countless repetitions of daily activities in sobriety. To help clients accomplish this safely, the counseling staff and their sober residential community support them over a long period of time as they gradually take on more responsibility and autonomy in treatment. Clients will go through the process of:

  • Transitioning through various levels of care
  • Living and functioning as part of a community
  • Finding a sponsor and working the 12 Steps
  • Working with an individual counselor
  • Participating in regular community groups
  • Returning to the work environment 
  • Rebuilding relationships with family and friends in a healthy way
  • Engaging in real-world experiences in a therapeutic setting
The long-term model allows clients to gradually go through the rebuilding process of learning to live in recovery, while utilizing the guidance and support of their MARR counselors, residential community, process groups, and the alumni and volunteer network.

“I needed to be part of a stable and supportive treatment environment for a long period of time. I simply would not have been able to stay sober if I had left after a month or two.” –Tricia M., MARR Alumnae

Listen to the rest of Tricia’s story here on our podcast.

Insurance Coverage

We work with insurance providers to help offset the cost of outpatient addiction treatment. Insurance companies we frequently work with include:
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Humana
  • Golden Rule Insurance Agency
  • UMR: United Medical Resources
  • American Medical Security Group
Contact us to find out more about your coverage options when seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Scholarship Application

Every potential client who believes cost might be a barrier is invited to fill out a scholarship application. We offer individualized financial assistance, supplemented by our Scholarship Fund, which is maintained thanks to donations from alumni, family and supporters of MARR. You can fill out an application for our Admissions team to begin reviewing immediately.

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Payment Options

MARR does not require that costs be covered up front. In addition to scholarships, MARR partners with M-Lend Financial who offers multiple financing options including  0% APR for at least 15 months for  qualified applicants. It costs  nothing to apply, and there are no required payoffs, no back accrued interest charges, and no prepayment penalties.  

MARR offers a 5% discount for clients who pay in full up front.