By Jim Seckman, MAC, CACII, CCS

At MARR we work with people who have a very complex and powerful disease that affects every aspect of their lives. In fact, it is so powerful that it easily overwhelms all situations and people surrounding it.

How can recovery work?

We cannot effect change in our lives and get into recovery by ourselves. By working together in a community of others committed to recovery, a therapeutic community, and by trusting and relying upon God, true change and recovery can take place. It’s really the only way to fight this disease and start truly living.

The community model sets MARR apart, promoting accountability, responsibility, and acceptance. Together in a home-like setting, clients learn to live healthier lives through a connection with self, others, and a Higher Power. Balancing the daily activities of treatment, groups, employment, and home life within the therapeutic community offers the necessary life skills for long-term recovery.

At MARR, we work together with the clients to bring total and lasting recovery to addicted individuals and their families. I can’t, we can becomes the foundation for the work that needs to be done.