Addiction is a powerful disease that affects more than just the individual. Family members, friends, co-workers, employers and even innocent bystanders are impacted by the addict’s erratic behavior. Oftentimes, the symptoms of addiction and codependency run parallel with one another, and recovery is necessary for healing.

The outline below reveals similar symptoms between the addict and the codependent. If your family is struggling with the disease of addiction, get help now. Addicts and their loved ones can recover, but it takes time and dedication from both sides.

I. Preoccupation

Addict – Repetitive focus connected to addictive behaviors.

Family member – Inability to focus on other things; experiences intrusive thoughts about addicted person.

II. Increased Tolerance

Addict – Needs more of the substance to achieve the same effect.

Family member – Becomes more tolerant of addict’s behavior.

III. Loss of Control

Addict – Loss of control of behavior under the influence of substance.

Family member – Loss of control of emotional reaction to the addict.

IV. Craving

Addict – A severe physical or psychological urge or craving to reengage in the substance or behavior.

Family member – A psychological craving or desire for the addict.

V. Compulsive Behavior

Addict – Driven/obsessed to engage in addictive behaviors repeatedly.

Family member – Driven/obsessed to engage in compulsive behaviors such as snooping, spending, eating and cleaning.

VI. Decreased Tolerance (latter stage)

Addict – Cannot engage or use to the extent he/she once did, experiences negative symptoms more quickly.

Family Member – Less likely to stay in denial, may experience emotional bottom.

VII. Medical Problems

Addict – Physical problems may escalate; problems related to unsafe practices and injuries may become more frequent.

Family member – Stress-related health problems, less apt to prioritize healthy habits due to focus on addict.

VIII. Denial

  • Rationalizing
  • Minimizing
  • Blaming
  • Sneaking, lying, hiding, keeping secrets
  • Isolating
  • Euphoric recall

At MARR, we offer long-term, gender-specific treatment for addicts and their family members. Lasting recovery is much more attainable when the client is in treatment for 90-plus days; he or she begins to experience life’s challenges and celebrations sober — and what it’s like to use the tools of recovery. Of course, the same goes for family members. We begin their recovery process as soon as the loved one enters addiction treatment. Call 678-405-5623 or 800-732-5430, or contact us online.