How MARR Works with Insurance

MARR works with private insurance on an out-of-network basis and does not accept payment from insurance companies. 

MARR’s services must be paid for in full by a financial guarantor while the client is in treatment. For a list of all payment options, see the Cost Breakdown attachment.  

For clients who have insurance:

We will utilize the client’s out-of-network benefits through the help of a third-party provider, SJ Health Insurance Advocates (SJHIA).

Services provided by SJHIA: 

  1. Verification of Benefits
  2. Prior Authorization/Pre-Certification
  3. Utilization Reviews to seek maximum insurance coverage 
  4. Claim submission for insurance reimbursement

Insurance coverage will come back to the financial guarantor in the form of a reimbursement minus a 7% surcharge for payment to SJHIA

Insurance authorization can be unpredictable, and every client’s needs are different. Therefore, we cannot ever guarantee a specific amount that insurance will cover. The financial guarantor is responsible for payment regardless of insurance status. 

For further questions related to how MARR works with insurance, please contact our Assistant Director of Admissions, Andy Williams 678.736.8891, or Chief Financial Officer, Rick Crump 678.805.5116.