By Matt Shedd
Host of Stories of Recovery

Through some combination of a solid foundation in 12-step spirituality, committed alumni and staff, and a history of over 40 years helping facilitate lasting recovery, MARR houses a certain kind of magic that is hard to explain.

If you have ever been connected to MARR as an alumnus, staff member, volunteer, or family member, you probably know what we are talking about. It is found in little moments: when a client completes treatment, when a family takes a step forward together, or when our staff comes together to support each other. It is found within the challenging conversations of a recovery community. It is found in the process of learning to love oneself and fully accept others. These moments come together to create stories.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories of transformation and change, redemption and reconnection from people who have passed through MARR over the years.

We believe that these are stories worth sharing, so we have created a new way for MARR’s extended family to stay plugged into these MARR moments. We are excited to announce that we are launching a brand new podcast. Each episode will tell the story of someone who has walked through our door as a client, staff member, volunteer, or family member.

The podcast is also available on iTunes here. We will be sharing a new episode every month, so be sure to subscribe if you would like to keep hearing these stories!

If you have comments, questions, or if you are interested in being interviewed for a future episode of “The MARR Experience,” send us an email at

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