Residential Manager – Right Side Up Women & Children’s Recovery Center and Tradition’s Recovery Center for Women

TITLE: Residential Manager


QUALIFICATIONS: Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) or licensing as a counselor in the state of Georgia (e.g., LAPC, LPC, LMSW), or Counselor in Training (CIT) through GACA.


  1. Facilitate Community Groups and other assigned groups for clients in Intensive Residential Program (IRP)
  2. Individual counseling with clients on caseload, as assigned
  3. Responsible for completing progress and group notes for all clients on caseload
  4. Communicate client progress and issues daily and/or weekly with treatment staff
  5. Participate as a member of the Treatment Team in development of Treatment Plans, and Phase I and II reviews
  6. Process Therapeutic Leaves, privileges and client issues with treatment staff Hold clients accountable for following rules and regulations. Processes rule violations with clients
  7. Hold clients accountable for following rules and regulations. Processes rule violations with clients
  8. Inform all clients of any schedule changes and plans recreational outings or special events
  9. Monitor supply and maintenance needs in assigned communities 
  10. Perform on-call duties as scheduled
  11. Responsible for orientation for clients admitting into the Women’s Residential Program to include review of program rules and orientation guidelines
  12. Responsible for development of client contracts and setting of recovery goals within the therapeutic community
  13. Responsible for inspecting client belongings at admission or delegating this task to a Residential Assistant
  14. Responsible for facilitating Thursday Weekend Planning and Monday Weekend Review groups as part of the day treatment schedule 
  15. Participate in support of Family Workshops as needed 
  16. Documentation Requirements:
  • Orientation of new clients in first 24-48 hours 
  • Completion of  goal contract with community on 3rd Monday in community meeting 
  • Group notes weekly for all residential groups/educational groups
  • Completion of Daily RSU notes 
  • Meet with client individual weekly and complete case management notes
  • Responsible for collaborating with treatment team and approving clients’ money requests, sponsor/legal appointment requests, therapeutic leaves, and other client requests
  • Maintaining contact with legal correspondence with outside agencies (i.e. DFCS, probation/parole, etc.)
  • Assist clients with transitioning process from program that includes: providing housing resources, assist with housing application process, and other transitional needs.

17. Responsible for completing other duties, as necessary.

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