Complimentary Assessment | Diffusing Fears and Questions

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At MARR we provide complimentary assessments to our potential clients

MARR understands that assisting people with their best next steps for substance use disorder can raise fear and questions. We want to diffuse some of that and better assist you with what can be expected when clients reach out for our assessment.

  • The assessment is complimentary
  • There is no commitment to attend MARR
  • We will assess the appropriate levels of care
  • Identify co-occurring issues in addition to their substance use to make the appropriate referral if MARR is not the best fit

Different Avenues to Begin the Assessment Process

  • Clients can come in person by themselves, with family, or a loved one for support
  • A therapist and the client can do the assessment over the phone together for additional support
  • Clients can schedule an appointment on a date and time that works for them
  • The client can fill out our online form for more information

What Clients Can Expect During the Complimentary Assessment

  • Allow one hour to complete the assessment
  • We will thoroughly cover their history of mental health and substance abuse
  • We will ask questions like, “How has it impacted you spiritually, relationally, and legally?”
  • Are there other contributing factors like Disordered Eating, trauma, etc?

Call 678-736-8694 to speak directly with our experienced assessment team.


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