We all face moments where we are completely overwhelmed by the problems we are facing and the situations we find ourselves in. At these times, all of the strengths, tools, and strategies that seemed to work to help us push through or deal with our problems just don’t work any more. Depleted, desperate, and afraid, we KNOW that asking for help is the only way things are going to get better, but it somehow still feels like the last thing in the world that we want to do.  

Kimberly Alexander, MBA, LPC, CPCS, decided to become a therapist because she recognized the power of meeting people when they are in those moments. She saw firsthand  the impact it had on people when they feel seen and heard in their most vulnerable moments. In this episode, we discuss the importance of recognizing that the fear we feel in such moments is real, but by allowing the parts of ourselves we’ve been hiding to be seen in a safe environment we can begin to heal and find hope. 

As the new Chief Clinical Officer at MARR Addiction Treatment Centers, Kimberly shares how she sees MARR as fostering a safe place for vulnerability and the growth that comes with it.

0:01 – Intro to Kimberly Alexander
2:15 – Why I became a therapist
10:45 – Cooccurring disorders (addiction and other mental health issues)
15:23 – When is a “functioning alcoholic/addict” no longer functional?
19:35 – The terrifying and necessary moment of reaching out for help
24:35 – Why is accepting my fear and shame necessary for growth?
28:30 – What does a holistic rebuilding process look like?
31:55 – Why can’t I just get better by reading a book?
41:22 – Relaxing into being yourself
46:33 – DBT: bringing together our logical and emotional sides to make up the Wise Mind
52:47 – Closing