Up for Renewal: When Recovery Becomes Stale

Most recovering drug addicts and alcoholics have experienced idleness at some point in addiction recovery. Whether they feel stagnate at 20 months or 20 years varies, but the common denominator seems to be a feeling of futility. Despite the blessings they have received since getting sober, life appears monotonous and perhaps even dull. Questions like “Why am I feeling this way?” and “What am I missing?” crop up constantly, yet the responsibilities of everyday life stop them from seeking help.

At MARR in Atlanta, we understand many people experience a ‘stuck point’ in recovery. If you’re a former client whose commitment to recovery has taken a backseat, there is hope. To help our alumni re-engage in healthy recovery management before they relapse, we offer Renewal Week — a five-day refresher course in which the alumnus can return to MARR at no additional cost.

During Renewal Week, the individual joins a therapeutic community and attends all groups and community activities throughout the week. Specifically designed for those who have successfully completed our intensive residential addiction treatment, Renewal Week also gives them the opportunity to re-evaluate their relapse prevention plan with an individual therapist. They can choose any week during the year, every year, as long as sobriety has been maintained.

Leading a productive, sober life requires daily upkeep: the recovering addict must identify warning signs and triggers, manage stress appropriately, solve problems effectively and live honestly. His or her recovery could be at stake when complacency sets in. The goal of Renewal Week is to offer a renewed sense of hope to our alumni and equip them with the tools necessary to live a sobriety-centered life. At MARR, we are committed to providing our clients with the needed support as they journey toward long-term addiction recovery.

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  1. Matt Erwin

    This is an awesome program. Even if an alumni wants to just come back to get grounded the renewal week is great. It doesn’t matter if you “need” it, you just have to want it! I hope more alumni take advantage of this. It’s extremely helpful to the guys in treatment to have a renewal week member in the community also.

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