Substance Abuse and New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Ways to Experience Recovery in 2022

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2022 could be the year you or a loved one experiences recovery from substance abuse. Every January, promise-filled Facebook posts and goal lists are made with the best intentions, as we choose one or several resolutions for the new year. 

Although not a bad idea, as we should all continuously try to grow in different ways, these resolutions often fall from our minds by the time February or March arrives. If we’re honest, we don’t even believe they’ll happen to begin with. 

substance abuse and new year's resolutions

Unfortunately, this pattern of promising change and not seeing it through happens often with substance abuse. Whether you are the one making promises, or you’re a loved one who’s heard the same lines over and over, we start to not believe ourselves or our loved one. From, “I promise this is the last time I need to borrow money,” to “I didn’t mean to drink that much and I swear I will never drink again at one of your work functions,” words began to mean nothing and the actions needed for change don’t come. 

Let this be the year that changes. 

3 Steps To Recovery from Substance Abuse

  • First, set boundaries. The first step to recovery for you or your loved one from substance abuse is getting them into treatment. This often won’t happen until boundaries are set. For loved ones, this may look like not allowing them to live with you while they’re still using. For the addict, this is a tough reality to face but realizing these boundaries are for your benefit will come in time. 
  • Next, find a substance addiction treatment center. There are a lot of options out there and research is key. At MARR, we differ in our approach to addiction treatment by offering long-term, gender-separate, and holistic approaches. We also want the best outcome for each client. So, if that means helping them find a different option better for their current needs, we do that. If you need to speak with someone, call us at 678-736-8694 for a confidential conversation with a certified addiction counselor. 
  • Finally, once in treatment, shift your mindset on recovery from substance abuse. It is not a linear process. There will be great days with leaps of progress and there will be just as many setbacks and mishaps that force you to grow and learn. This does not mean you are in the wrong place – it’s just the opposite.

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