Alumni & Clients Thanksgiving Dinner 2020

On November 26, 2020, the Alumni Association will be hosting separate Thanksgiving Day lunches from noon to 3 pm (with an AA meeting at 2 pm) for our women clients at Traditions and the male clients at the Men’s Recovery Center.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be hosting the men and women currently in treatment that are unable to leave to be with their family as well as any alumni who are local and want to get away from their own family for a couple of hours.

We are asking for financial donations or volunteers who are willing to bring prepared foods to Traditions or MRC on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

You can donate to the alumni association on the MARR website or by calling Ashley Rose at 678-805-5140 to pay by credit card. Tell her it’s for the Alumni Association Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Robin W. will be coordinating the MEN’s feast in terms of prepared food selection; we don’t want to have 32 pecan pies and no stuffing! Contact Robin to volunteer or to attend and eat. He can be reached at 828-406-2734 or

Sharon M. will be coordinating the WOMEN’s feast for prepared food selection (same reasons as Robin) or to RSVP to volunteer or attend to eat. She can be contacted at 678-427-7438 or

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