Ep 41: Perfectionism Gets in the Way of Recovery

You are currently viewing Ep 41: Perfectionism Gets in the Way of Recovery
Exhausted businesswoman having a headache in modern office. Mature creative woman working at office desk with spectacles on head feeling tired. Stressed casual business woman feeling eye pain while overworking on desktop computer.

In this episode we hear from two therapists about perfectionism and how it is a major obstacle to long-term recovery. Director of MARR’s Women’s Center Cailey Binkley and a therapist from the community, Bianca Hughes, share how they have seen the unattainable goal of perfectionism continually undermine long-term recovery and meaningful connections to others. They also talk about how they both see themselves as people who need to address perfectionism in their own lives. Perfectionism keeps us separate, and letting go of perfectionism is not a one time thing—it is a practice.

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