Extended Recovery Residences

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The Extended Recovery Residences (ERR) is an option that we recommend for many clients completing the first two phases of treatment at MARR.  In ERR, clients move into a new apartment with other clients in this phase. 

Clients have more autonomy during this phase of treatment. But they are still under MARR’s care as a client. And they continue to have access to the clinical and medical staff and attend MARR groups.  

In Extended Recovery Residences, clients are in charge of their paychecks and budgets. They also buy their own food and gas if they have a car. Many of our clients are working enough at this point to be able to pay their rent as well. 

Clients continue to attend three MARR evening groups per week. This includes their community meetings, aftercare group, and spiritual life group. They are also required to attend at least four AA meetings per week. Many still continue to receive individual therapy with their counselor at MARR.

We find that the ERR is a crucial step in recovery for many of our clients. It allows them to establish themselves in early recovery and still be surrounded by a network of support. Here at MARR, whether you are a client or one of their loved ones, we walk with you for life

During their stay in the Extended Recovery Residences, clients also meet with the Alumni Coordinator, who connects them with our vast Alumni Association across the country. 


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