A Holistic Treatment Approach

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Addiction is a selfish disease. The disease doesn’t stop with your physical health or your relationships. Instead, it affects all of you, mentally, physically, and spiritually. That’s why we approach treatment the same way – from every angle. At MARR, we treat each client with a holistic treatment approach. This means we recognize clients’ mental health, their physical wellbeing, and their spirituality. This sets our clients up for the best chance of a life free of addiction and a healthy, rounded road of recovery.

Mental Health

Mental struggles, such as depression and anxiety, often accompany substance addiction. These can be debilitating for clients and affect their recovery tremendously. We address these through therapy, community, and sensitivity. We also recognize it changes client-by-client throughout their time at treatment and create a specific treatment plan accordingly. Our Medical Director, Dr. Kambiz Aflatoon, is board certified in general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. He works with our team of staff to create the best holistic treatment plan for our client’s mental health.

Physical Healing

When first arriving at treatment, a priority for our team is the clients’ physical wellbeing. Coming off of drugs or alcohol is very hard on the body. Our medical team sets up the best plan of action for each client. We also encourage clients to make realistic and measurable goals for healthy living and exercise while at MARR. Our hope is they carry on these healthy habits at home. Healthy living is a huge part of the recovery process and teaches clients to take care of their bodies. Plus, the benefits of healthy living are extensive. Decreased anxiety, natural mood lift, the opportunity to save money, and decreased risk of future health problems are only a few.


When clients enter our program they learn the difference between religion and spirituality. Step 2 of Alcoholics Anonymous is about putting your faith in a power greater than yourself. At MARR, we intentionally work on spiritual recovery, where clients truly find one’s higher power in relation to their beliefs. This surrender to a higher power greatly increases their journey in recovery.

If interested in learning more about MARR, the first step is a phone call or message to our Clinical Assessment Team. Our licensed and certified clinicians are available for a confidential and complimentary conversation about the next steps you can take to get help. Call us at (678) 736-8694, or you can reach out via the chatbox.

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