The MARR Experience by Kathe S.

After a stint in detox, I admitted into MARR in December of 2005. It was not my first time in treatment. Initially, I got sober in Ohio in 1988; following a month of inpatient treatment, I moved to Atlanta and spent a year in a halfway house. I relapsed after 13 years of sobriety because I allowed a hectic schedule to interfere with AA and my program.

After my first relapse, I enrolled in an outpatient program (and relapsed again within three months). When I came to MARR, I was broken and willing to do whatever was suggested. I had hoped for 90 days or less; however, I settled in for seven months and am so grateful for the opportunity. After two relapses, I have learned that I am someone who needs inpatient treatment — I have to stay sober long enough to want it.

MARR provided a place where I could get “reset” in recovery. Married with three children, aged 7, 8 and 10, I had lost myself in my role as wife and mother. My time at MARR allowed me to focus on myself, something many mothers neglect to do. I had the support of staff and my therapeutic community, and I was able to work on important issues — not only as an addict, but also as a woman. MARR’s segregated, gender-specific programs offer clients a safe environment (something many women have never experienced before).

I am blessed to have spent seven months at MARR, and I continue my involvement as a volunteer at the Women’s Recovery Center (WRC) four hours a week. I get back so much more than I give. I am grateful to Kendall Weinberg for allowing me to serve the clients at WRC — and for allowing me to leave afterward, because I have a full, rich, sober life outside of MARR!

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