Recovering Professionals

Atlanta Recovering Professionals Program

Atlanta Recovering Professionals Program

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation for professionals

The Atlanta Recovering Professionals (ARP) Program at MARR offers intensive residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation and long-term monitoring services for medical and other professionals. ARP provides several levels of service and works as an adjunct to the Men’s Recovery Center and Women’s Recovery Center. The program is designed for individuals who report to licensing boards and monitoring programs, such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, pilots, nurses, teachers, clergy and attorneys.

In addition to the alcohol and drug rehabilitation services offered at the men’s and women’s treatment facilities at MARR, individuals in the ARP Program receive the following:

  • Three additional weekly groups with other recovering professionals
  • Regular reporting to licensing boards, professional health programs and advocates
  • Mirror Image Program (Phase II), in which professionals work in a voluntary capacity at local treatment centers with individuals in early recovery.
  • Comprehensive aftercare following completion of addiction treatment

96-Hour Substance Abuse Assessment
Oftentimes licensing boards, professional health programs, monitoring programs and families are uncertain about the presence of addiction in the professional. At MARR, we offer a 96-hour Comprehensive Substance Abuse Evaluation to help determine if the individual is in need of alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment. During this period, the individual will undergo neuropsychological testing, as well as psychiatric, psychosocial and medical evaluations. He or she will also participate in group and individual therapy sessions and experience the therapeutic community through residential living.

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