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Gender-Specific Addiction  Treatment

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Addressing core issues of addiction through separate treatment centers

MARR provides comprehensive and intensive residential addiction treatment that meets the needs of each client. Our professional and highly skilled staff is committed to helping clients and family members begin the recovery process. By offering gender-separate treatment centers, we address specific issues men and women face in active addiction.

Men vs. Women – What’s the Difference?
While there are some commonalities, there are many differences between chemically dependent men and women. Until recently, research conducted on chemical dependence was focused primarily on men. When experts in the field began to turn their attention to addiction in women, they recognized that there were dissimilarities in the way they abuse drugs and alcohol and how it affects their lives. At MARR, we understand the depth of addiction in men and women and believe gender-separate treatment centers are essential for lasting recovery.

Focusing on Recovery
When addicted men and women are physically separated from each other (in MARR’s case, 20 miles), they are able to concentrate on their recovery. We not only view gender-separate treatment centers as important—we consider them vital to long-term sobriety. Our mission is to direct and guide clients onto the road to recovery, and to help them achieve a full life in sobriety. We have witnessed remarkable successes at our Women’s Recovery Center and Men’s Recovery Center.