Men's Recovery Center

Men’s Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Proven Treatment

“Willingness, honesty and open-mindedness are the essentials of recovery (Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 568).” These principles provide hope to those struggling with substance use disorder

Here at MARR, we implement these principles along with providing a high-quality, safe environment for adult men that encourages openness and a sense of community. The Men’s Recovery Center (MRC) guides men into a balanced lifestyle and on the road to recovery by offering them the following:

  • Community Living 
  • Personalized Treatment Plans that include an assigned primary therapist along with an entire treatment team
  • A gender-specific addiction treatment that focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of each client
  • Resources to support treatment and long term recovery

The treatment team is composed of a board-certified psychiatrist, licensed, master’s level clinicians, certified addiction counselors, family therapists, and nursing staff. The treatment team will continually evaluate each client’s progress and needs as they move through the treatment phases.

Stages of Treatment

At MARR, treatment is separated into two phases with an optional Phase III of extended care. These phases are proven to provide clients with the best recovery journey possible and include:

  • Phase I (6 weeks): Focused on the foundations for recovery.
  • Phase II (8 weeks): Teaches clients the best recovery life skills as they transition into a normal working routine.
  • Phase III (12 weeks+): Sober living communities to continue practicing the recovery lifestyle with peer accountability and support.

Outside area of Men’s Recovery Center

Group room at Men’s Recovery Center

What We Offer

Community Living

Apartments where male clients live during treatment

Kitchen and common area in men’s apartment

MARR Community

A balance between work, groups, addiction treatment, and home life are vital skills needed in early recovery. At MARR, a home-like environment is offered throughout treatment in a therapeutic setting. Upon graduating from the program, clients can continue in their recovery walk through the welcoming alumni community, Renewal Week, and a high-quality individualized aftercare plan. When we say, “We walk with you for life,” we mean it.

Hear Our Staff

Hear from three counselors from our Men’s Recovery Center as they address the importance for men in early recovery to have a place to practice vulnerability/connection and the unique and proven principles that have guided treatment at MARR for over 40 years.

Additional Resources

At MARR, our goal is to provide the best treatment possible for you or your loved one. Since each client is unique, we offer additional programs and resources that have proven results for lasting recovery.

  •  Renewal Week: A complimentary program to those who have successfully completed our program and have maintained recovery for a minimum of six months.
  • Recovery Resources: A library of evidence-based, clinical information and personal stories on the disease of addiction, its effects on the whole family, and the journey of recovery, including articles, videos and podcast episodes.
  •  Recovering Professionals Program: Working as an adjunct to the Men’s & Women’s Programs, the Recovering Professionals Program provides a continuum of care for professionals in crisis, including long-term monitoring and advocacy services. MARR has served doctors, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, pilots, dentists, and clergy from all over the country through this program since 1975.

Living room area of men’s apartment

Workout area at men’s apartment building