Ep 8: Moments of Surrender

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When Jake checked into detox, he wasn’t planning on going into long-term treatment. But after he heard the stories of MARR clients who were volunteering at the detox facility, he decided to give the long-term treatment a shot. From an eventful first day until leaving the program a year later, Jake learned the lesson that being part of the community and showing up to take care of others allowed him to live a life filled with meaning and connection.

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  1. Kimberly Green

    I’m 61 is it to late?

    1. Angela Edmonds

      Absolutely not, Kimberly! If you would like to speak with someone or get more information, call our clinical assessment team at 678-405-5623. All calls are completely confidential.

  2. Sarah Cummings

    Thanks you for sharing. Such an inspirational story.

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