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Our Recovering Professionals Program includes those who are struggling with substance addiction, but it’s hard to see because of their successful careers. Types of professionals we treat include pilots, educators, dentists, lawyers, nurses, and many more. Our Recovering Professionals Program is designed specifically for those with a career who are experiencing substance addiction. It includes our gender-specific treatment plans, with added groups and therapy to meet these clients’ unique needs.

  1. Mirror Imaging

Our clients in the Recovering Professional Program see themselves reflected in another individual by simply spending time with them and observing. The person that they “mirror” is also a substance abuser but is farther along in recovery than the first client.

Seeing themselves in another professional who has a substance abuse disorder is therapeutic for both individuals. For the new client, it gives them someone to look up to and relate to during treatment. For the older client, mirroring is a reminder of their initial deep-set denial and reaffirms their need for active recovery.

This therapy is specific for professionals because it replaces their misshapen identity. It changes from being wrapped up in their career and ignoring their addiction, to realizing that they are first human beings, then addicts seeking recovery, and lastly, their profession.

  1. Atlanta Recovering Professionals (ARP)

A large part of treatment at MARR is participating in group therapy such as AA meetings, community meetings, and more. For our professional clients, it also includes ARP. This group is similar to AA with one caveat – participants are not only allowed to share their own life experiences with a similar situation but encouraged to.

These groups are essential in the recovery of professionals because they often help alleviate deep-held shame and isolation through shared experience. Hearing other professionals relate to their stories is a great resource of hope for those early in their recovery process. At MARR, these groups are held twice a week as large groups and additionally in smaller groups.

  1.  Comprehensive Care

In addition to ARP groups and Mirror Imaging Therapy, our professional clients participate in our gender-specific treatment plans. This includes going through the required first two phases of treatment, with the optional third phase. It also requires regular reporting to licensing boards and professional health programs, aftercare with other professionals, and long-term monitoring up to 5 years.

Recovery is a lifestyle and at MARR we want our clients in the Recovering Professionals Program to know that they are not alone and that recovery is possible for them.

If interested in learning more about MARR, the first step is a phone call or message to our Clinical Assessment Team. Our licensed and certified clinicians are available for a confidential and complimentary conversation about the next steps you can take to get help. Call us at (678) 736-8694, or you can reach out via the chatbox.

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