Men's Recovery Center

Proven Treatment

Our Men’s Recovery Center, located in Atlanta, GA, has been leading men into a life of recovery for over 45 years. Our proven treatment model is what sets us apart from other treatment centers and we can confidently say that clients won’t leave the same as they arrived.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says, “Willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness are the essentials of recovery.” These principles provide hope to those struggling with substance use disorder and we implement them along with providing a high-quality, safe environment for adult men that encourages openness and a sense of community.

Men’s Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Types of Treatment

MARR's Signature Residential Program

Phase 1 | Feelings School

6 weeks of residential housing that includes psychiatric evaluation, medical monitoring, around-the-clock staff monitoring, and our immersive therapeutic community model facilitated and supported by clinical staff. Includes 30 hours of clinical programming a week with groups and psychoeducation.

Phase 2 | Skills Application Phase

Approximately 8 weeks continuing medical monitoring and immersive residential therapeutic community model of care. 15 hours of clinical care, including relapse prevention planning, family counseling, and individual counseling. Clients continue applying sober living skills to finding employment or mirror imaging with other clients. 

Phase 3 | Sober Living

12+ weeks where clients are working, moving toward paying their own rent, engaged in individual counseling, and participating in groups.

 Aftercare Phase

Length is determined on a case-by-case basis and includes aftercare group, individual counseling, Spiritual Life Group, and volunteer opportunities.


Non-Residential (Outpatient) Services

PHP – Partial Hospitalization Phase

6 weeks of outpatient groups that also include psychiatric evaluation, medication management (if needed), and medical monitoring by a fully staffed medical team. 30 hours of clinical programming a week, including group therapy and psychoeducation.

IOP – Intensive Outpatient Phase

Approximately 8 weeks with 12-15 hours of clinical programming a week, including group therapy and psychoeducation, relapse prevention planning,  and individual counselingMedication management (if needed), and medical monitoring by a fully staffed medical team. 

Aftercare Phase

Length is determined on a case-by-case basis and includes aftercare group, individual counseling, Spiritual Life Group, and volunteer opportunities.


What We Offer

Individual Treatment

Community Living

Men's Addiction Treatment Center Outer
Outside area of Men’s Recovery Center
When you come to MARR, you join a “Community for Life”

MARR Community

We have an extensive alumni community with events throughout the year to connect, renewal week for alumni which is a complimentary program for those who have successfully completed our program and maintained recovery for a minimum of six months, and individualized aftercare plans. When we say, “We walk with you for life,” we mean it.

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Stories of Recovery Podcast

MARR Stories of Recovery

You are not alone in your journey. Listen to gripping, honest accounts of desperation from those who once struggled with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Podcast host Matt Shedd invites guests to share moving recollections of hope and peace found through 12-Step recovery. Hear personal testimonies of guests’ experiences at MARR, and what life in recovery is like today. 

Additional Resources

At MARR, our goal is to provide the best treatment possible for you or your loved one. Since each client is unique, we offer additional programs and resources that have proven results for lasting recovery. This includes our Recovering Professionals Program, which works together with our Men’s Program and provides a continuum of care for professionals in crisis, including long-term monitoring and advocacy services. Through this program, MARR has served doctors, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, pilots, dentists, and clergy from all over the country.

Our recovery resources offer a library of evidence-based, clinical information and personal stories on the disease of addiction, its effects on the whole family, and the journey of recovery, including articles, videos, and podcast episodes.