Men’s Recovery Center

Men's Recovery Center

Men’s Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol treatment for men struggling with addiction

MARR Men's Recovery CenterRecovery from drug and alcohol addiction is an ongoing commitment. MARR provides a safe environment for men that encourages openness and a sense of community. The Men’s Recovery Center (MRC) is a spiritually based, two-phase structure that requires a minimum of 90 days of residential drug and alcohol treatment. Our rehab center gradually guides men into a balanced lifestyle and on the road to recovery. MRC’s therapeutic community model promotes responsibility and accountability, as well as establishes healthy habits.

Stages of Treatment

Phase I – Beginning with an intensive day-treatment schedule, clients receive individual attention and group therapy to ensure a complete understanding of the foundation for recovery. Together with a certified substance abuse counselor, each client learns about the crucial components of sober living and real-world recovery. This includes the 12-Step Program, the disease model of addiction, relapse prevention and healthy coping behaviors. Phase I of treatment lasts between 30 and 45 days.

Phase II – When clients enter Phase II of addiction treatment at MARR’s Men’s Recovery Center, they must obtain employment or find volunteer placement if appropriate. The structure of a daytime job, evening groups, working with a sponsor and interacting with their therapeutic community is essential in early sobriety. Clients learn how to put their recovery first and live one day a time. Phase II of treatment lasts approximately 60 days.

As men progress through drug and alcohol treatment, other core issues are often identified. MARR’s primary focus is the treatment of substance use disorders (formally called chemical dependency); however, we can address additional issues as they relate to addiction and include them as a part of their overall treatment plan.

Issues Addressed

Spirituality [read more]
Relapse Prevention
Anger Management [read more]
Anxiety & Depression
Corrective Thinking
Emotional Intimacy
Grief & Loss
Guilt & Shame
Family Dynamics [read more]
Trauma Issues Related to Men
Other Compulsive Behaviors

What Is Therapeutic Community?

Addiction is an isolating disease. At the Men’s Recovery Center, the therapeutic community is the primary agent of change. Clients live in a therapeutic setting, sharing a residence with other clients of the same gender.

Together in this home-like environment, they learn to live healthier lives through a connection with others, self and a Higher Power. Maintaining a balance between the day-to-day activities of work, groups, addiction treatment and home life offers clients vital life skills in early recovery.

An important component of the therapeutic process is the use of contracts. As part of the community, clients construct both concrete and growth goals for themselves. These goals, in the form of a contract, are then shared with the community to acquire support and accountability toward achieving them. Members of the community become responsible to one another as they begin their recovery journey.

Treatment Services

  • Clinically Driven
  • Therapeutic Community
  • Family Recovery & Support
  • Psycho-educational Groups
  • Professionals Program
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Safe, Structured Environment
  • Assigned Primary Counselor
  • Co-occurring Disorders
  • Medical Staff
  • Relapse Prevention
  • 12-Step & Spiritual Life Meetings

Extended Recovery

After successfully completing all requirements outlined in their drug and alcohol treatment plan, clients may be eligible for MARR’s extended recovery residences (Phase III). These communities provide a sober living environment with the necessary structure to continue practicing the recovery lifestyle with peer accountability and support.

Life After MARR

Graduates of MARR can take advantage of our continuing care services, including the Alumni community, Renewal Week, and an individualized aftercare plan. Leading a productive, sober life requires daily maintenance, and we ensure every client is equipped for lasting recovery. When we say “we walk with you for life,” we mean it.

If you or your loved one is struggling with chemical dependency, contact our Men’s Recovery Center today. Freedom from addiction starts with a phone call.

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