Ep 14: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Grind

You are currently viewing Ep 14: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Grind

Dee was in a corporate career for 27 years before his drinking led him to lose his job and to require a 3 week hospital detox. During his time at MARR, he learned a completely new approach to relating to people around him and discovered that life doesn’t have to be a grind. Today, his spirituality involves a practice of vulnerability and comfort with uncertainty that give him a calming presence and allow him to be a father to his children in ways he never imagined possible.

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  1. Gibson

    Such a great talk Dee, you really made me re-live my time at MARR all over again. Thank you

  2. Cathy Hall

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Judy

    I am a grateful member of al-anon for 18 months. Thank you for your story. It seems that a lot of your realizations are the ones I have discovered about myself since I started going to my meetings. When I stopped interfering in other people’s affairs, particularly my childrens’ ( age 25 and 27 ), everything got better than ok!! It’s the little things, like conversation and information, that satisfy me more these days. When life gets rough, I know it’ll be better when the sun comes up!! And I know the sun will come up. That’s faith!!

    Have a great journey! It’s so worth it! 🙂

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